Figo's Factory

Figo from Figo and Friends is helping out in the Times Tables Factory today. In the Times Tables Factory, large machines make gifts for children every day. First, the presents must be sorted in the correct delivery box. In the factory, there are boxes that all have a number on the front. By solving the times table sum on the present, you know in which loading dock the gift should go.

With Figo, you have to ensure that the packages are picked up and taken to the correct loading dock. The presents roll out of the factory via the conveyor's belts and fall out of one of the colored funnels. Try to catch the presents without dropping one. When you have caught all the presents, you can go to the sorting room. Here you have to quickly solve the sums and put the presents in the right box. When all the packages have been sorted, you can pick up new ones again. When the truck is full, the work is finished, and the boxes can be delivered to the children. You will get stars, coins, and diamonds at the end of the day if you deliver all the boxes. You can unlock new friends from Figo with the coins to help out in the table factory.

In the Times Table Factory, you can practice with the times tables from 1 to 12. The more tables you choose, the more coins you get in the levels. At the beginning of the working day, you get hearts. Try not to lose all your hearts, or you have to start over. For example, if you drop a gift, you lose a heart. Have fun!

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