Times Tables Rally

How does the times table rally game work?

In the times table rally game you are allowed to drive in various rallies and you will advance to the next level if you get good results. Each level allows you to race through a country, you start out in Italy and the other countries are a surprise.

It is not that simple to get to the next country. First of all you have to get all the maths problems right to make progress. That's the basic condition, but of course you also have to move faster than your opponent, otherwise you will never reach the next level. When you have answered five or ten questions in a row correctly, you will receive a boost! On the way you will also run into obstacles, such as oil spills and stacks of logs. If you jump over them, they will not bother you.

At most levels you must answer questions about one times table. The game also has special levels, the various times table questions are jumbled and you will also have to answer more questions. When you have mastered a special level, you will have earned 5 stars, at a normal level you can only earn 3 stars. You can earn a total of 51 stars. Good luck playing the times table game!

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