Submarine Math

Description of the Submarine Sums Game

Practice sums deep in the ocean with this fun game. Improve your arithmetic skills by doing sums underwater. You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mixed sums. Once you've chosen the type of sums, you can set the amount and difficulty level. All the exercises are suitable for students between 7 and 11 years old.

Once you're in the submarine, you can start practising. Collect two bubbles with numbers and a bubble with a special symbol to create a sum. You then have to pick the bubble with the right answer. Collect 12 points in total to complete the level.

If you pick a bubble with the wrong answer, you'll lose some of your health. Look out for dangerous fish underwater. If a fish hits your submarine, you'll also lose part of your health. When the health bar is depleted, it's game over.

You can earn a diamond and find coins in every level. The coins will appear when you gave the right answer, and you are rewarded a diamond when you complete the level. You can earn a total of 120 diamonds in the game. You can use the coins to buy new submarines in the store.

Good luck on your deep-sea adventure! This game is focussed on KS2 math.

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