Times Table Duck

How to play the Times Table Duck Game?

The Times Table Duck needs your help in a new adventure. During a storm, the Times Table Duck got lost and landed in an unknown world. In this online times table game for kids, you must help the Times Table Duck escape from this world by passing all levels.

The only way to pass a level is to get the magic key. The key only appears when you have answered all times tables questions correctly. But be careful because if you answer a math times table question wrong, you have to start over. If you have the key, the locked door will open, and you can walk through. There are also many dangers in this world. There may be spikes on the floor or ceiling that you should not touch. Sometimes, there are bugs under the spines, or they are not adequately attached so that the spines can move or fall.

You have a total of 15 seconds per level to complete it. So try to plan well in advance which answers you want to grab before the time is up. After you have answered all the table questions correctly, you also have to take the key and walk to the door; try to consider this to make it easier. This free maths times tables practise game is made for child's in KS2, this includes the class years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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