1 minute test


You have got one minute

In the 1 minute test you get one minute to answer as many questions as possible. It's a race against the clock. This exercise is ideal to improve your knowledge of the times tables. First you have to choose which tables you want to practice. It is possible to select one table, but also multiple. The more times tables you choose the greater the challenge.

If you have selected the times tables press start and the 60 seconds countdown has started. There is a sum and 12 answers. Press the correct answer and the next sum comes in. If you press the wrong answer, the question remains on the screen until you press the correct answer.
After 10 correct answers the 12 blocks with the answers are renewed.
If the answer is correct the green light comes on and if the answer is wrong the red light comes on.
The goal of this game is to answer as much questions as possible in as few attempts as possible. For each correct answer you get 10 points.

The first minute test is a good addition to the speed test. The Speed test is the most popular exercise on Timestables.co.uk.

Fun factor

This exercise is often experienced as fun by the students. This is because the exercise is about speed and you have to find the answers. You can quickly answer sums, there are no interruptions and there is no typing involved.

This game is extremely suitable for tablet, and mobile computer. We ourselves see higher scores achieved on tablet and mobile than on the computer.

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